The Start of a New Adventure

For the longest time, I was convinced that I was going to become an author. I’d write fantastical stories about powerful heroines, the terrifying monsters that they would slay, and the relationships they would make throughout the course of their adventures. As I grew older, and music became a much more prominent part of my life, I finally realized that I could combine my two crafts through songwriting. I started seeing similarities between myself and the heroines from my old stories, albeit nowhere near as exciting or powerful. I was traveling the world, meeting new people, and experiencing new things, but felt like not all of those stories were suited to be told as songs.
So I’ve decided to start writing again.
My latest adventure started only a few weeks ago. I’ve just graduated from the University of Kent in England after spending four years of my life in Medway, to move back to my home country and settle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My professional contacts, friends, and current sense of home were left behind to come to a brand new city and try to restart my life here, in a country that I haven’t permanently lived in since I was 15 years old. Both music and writing have never failed to bring me comfort in times of change and disruption. I hope in sharing them with you, you may be able to find some comfort in them too.
I’m sure there will be monsters, and maybe I’ll meet some interesting people too, but if I can be anything like the heroines from my stories, I’ll count myself lucky.

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