Lisa (My Mom)

Thank you to my mom, Lisa, for her superpower of knowing exactly when to send me encouragement in my moments of self-doubt. Whether it was in sweet text messages, secret packages in my suitcase, or just a good old-fashioned hug, you made me feel like I could conquer anything. Thank you as well for always cultivating my love of music by pushing me to lean on creation when I was at my lowest. I'll be making it for the rest of my life.

Steve (My Dad)

Thank you to my dad, Steve, for listening to my crazy ideas in a sushi restaurant (on more than one occasion). Your trust in me and this project means more than you know. Thank you for pushing me to see the value in my own work, and to trust my instincts. Thank you for all the years of carrying instruments, hours of research, and your true love of music. You will always be so, so much more than “just a roadie.”

Jim & Marty (Linneman's Riverwest Inn)

Thank you to Jim and Marty of Linneman’s Riverwest Inn for having the most loving and supportive venue for trialing ALL of the songs that did (and didn’t!) make it on to this record. Thank you as well for being the meeting place for so many musicians and creatives. If you've never been to Linneman's before, please check them out here! You'll never find two people who love Milwaukee music more.

Salt & Sugar: The Thank You's

There is no way this project would have existed without help from some amazing people in my life. So much help, in fact, that it couldn't all fit on the CD. So I decided to put it here. Thank you for taking the time to read this. -Anja

Ella & Craig (My Siblings)

Thank you to my siblings, Ella and Craig, for your constant support and always pushing me to be better. The support you both give me is amazing, and my confidence wouldn't be as high as it is today without you both. An extra special thank you to Ella for all of your beautiful artwork for this record. It's so special to have you a part of this as well. And an extra special thank you to Craig for being the best roommate I could have ever asked for.

Rachel (My Friend)

Thank you to my dearest friend, Rachel, for being my biggest fan, even when I didn’t believe in myself. I'll always remember sitting on your couch and showing you the Tascam Demos for the first time, and how CRAZY excited you were. Your joy for the people you love is infectious, and it definitely encouraged me through this process. Thank you for loving me like a sister and supporting me always.

Kelsey (My Friend)

Thank you to Kelsey Martin, for letting us live in your house for weeks at a time to make this thing, even though you barely knew me. Also, for your beautiful calligraphy that graces this project - it's truly perfect. Thank you for lamp-lighted, deep conversation, that usually involved tears and wine. Thank you for your passion about this project - you truly were the glue that held us three together! And thank you for becoming a beautiful friend throughout this entire process. 

Sean (My Friend)

Thank you to Sean Martin, for your trust in me from the beginning, and your dedication to this project. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for helping me make this record, which became the most fun, difficult, and rewarding project of my life. After all of the blood, sweat, and tears, I’m so glad I can now truly call you a life-long friend. I promise next time we all hang out, we're JUST GOING TO HANG OUT. Even so, here’s to more music in the future! 

Dallas (My Friend)

Thank you to Dallas Brown, for introducing yourself to me at Linneman’s, and starting this whole ball rolling. Your dedication and love for this project helped inspire me to be better, and to take myself seriously at a time in my life where that was very hard. You brought reassurance, levity, and solid advice whenever it was needed throughout the course of this project. It definitely wouldn't have gotten done without you. Cheers to sofa listening parties, Julia Child, and chess. I will always treasure your friendship.