the lost one

the lost one is a song I wrote after several members of my family died in a short period of time. I wanted to express how I felt and being a violinist this translated into music. I brought the song to Anja Elise and together with local Milwaukee musician Dallas Brown a fully instrumented single emerged that explores the emotions of loss and coming to terms with grief. Many thanks to Anja Elise & Dallas Brown whom without lending their talents of performance, co-writing and countless hours of mixing, this single would not exist. Also thanks to Craig Freigang for drums, Ella Freigang for the haunting artwork which graces the cover and Justin Perkins from Mystery Room Mastering.  This is lovingly dedicated to my sister Susan and my lost ones. We hope you enjoy this collaboration!

                                                                  --Lisa Freigang 


the lost one (premiere featuring Anja Elise)

Linneman's Riverwest Inn, 1001 E. Locust St., Milwaukee, WI 53212

This is a release premier for the single the lost one featuring Anja Elise. We will have local musicians Monica Clare Murphy, Anja & Dallas, Ben Harold and Anja Elise performing a set with violinist Lisa Freigang concluding with the lost one. This will be a charity event benefiting Children's Wisconsin's hospital oncology ward with a $10 suggested donation.

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