1. Out Tonight

From the recording Salt & Sugar

Music and Lyrics by: Anja Freigang
Mixing by: Sean Martin
Vocals and violins performed by: Anja Freigang
Electric guitar, synths, and bass performed by: Dallas Brown
Drums performed by: Sean Martin
Mastering by: Justin Perkins of Mystery Room Mastering


I’m not going out tonight
No don’t worry, I’m feeling alright
I’m just not going out tonight

'Cause my brain is just too loud
All these decibels emerging from the crowd
From all these thoughts that refuse to pay me rent

Now my soul tastes like lukewarm coffee
And my limbs might as well leave my body
While every particle in the universe fights on in my head

So I’m trying to save myself from extinction
But I’m not sure how I evict the fiction
When it’s blended so damn well into the truth

All I’m looking for is peace inside my head
And I don’t think that I should wait until I’m dead
Goddamn this anxiety and it sovereignty over me

But none of these words will ever leave my mouth
They’ll just fade away into the rest of the crowd
So I’m not going out tonight
But tomorrow I might