From the recording Salt & Sugar

Music and Lyrics by: Anja Freigang
Mixing by: Sean Martin
Vocals, acoustic guitar, and violins performed by: Anja Freigang
Acoustic guitar and bass performed by: Dallas Brown
Mastering by: Justin Perkins of Mystery Room Mastering


I stand on a precipice
So high above the ground below
And I am just like a tightrope walker
But with no net to catch me if I fall

And I shake at the hight
'Cause I’m so scared that I might
Lose my balance before I know just where I’m going

And if I’m just like a tightrope walker
I’ll be brave enough to take a step
Onto the precipice into suspension
So high above the spectators in the clouds

But this turbulence has been permanent for so long
What if peace cannot help but feel so wrong
Can I find the strength to take just what I need and risk the fall

So if I’m just like a tightrope walker
I will find my equilibrium
And I will find my peace in the solitude
Of atmosphere

'Cause this shiver on my heart’s getting way too old
Cutting out the warmth while cowering in the cold
But the warmth from the sun at this height makes me want to feel again